HandyCoat trial order

The best way to discover all the advantages of HandyCoat is to try it in your own facility.
A HandyCoat trial is easy to implement, beacause you only pay for the used consumables when returning the system.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill in your information in the online form on this page
  • Select the appropriate HandyBase aluminium wheel for your overvarnish or basecoating system
  • We’ll deliver a HandyBase and a set of HandySleeves, and assist you with the installation

Start your trial:

Choose your HandyBase wheel:

Overvarnish OVBasecoating BC

Choose your HandyBase width:
Custom size(s):
Coater wheel changes per line:

Coater wheel change:

Set up time after change:

Can waste during set up time:

Order info:

After your trial:

At the end of your trial period, we’ll work with you to analyze the results of your trial. If you decide in favor of HandyCoat, you can keep the HandyBase. If not, simply return the HandyBase to us, and we will only charge you for the Handysleeves used during the trial period. The HandyBase will be credited.

We think you’ll be inclined to stick with HandyCoat. Our customers tell us that they’re glad they made the switch, thanks to the time and cost savings offered by HandyCoat, as well as the improved ergonomics and varnish quality.