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Saving time and money with HandyCoat®

In developing the HandyCoat® system, Hannecard drew on its 125-year history as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of rubber, polyurethane and composite roller coverings, providing premier products to customers across the globe. In line with this focus on quality and innovation, HandyCoat® offers multiple benefits to can coating manufacturers.

Hannecard Savings Handycoat

Very ergonomic operations and handling

HandyCoat offers multiple benefits for operators: significant reduction in physical demands on operators, with up to a 75% reduction in lifting heavy wheels/crowns; fast wheel changeovers (maximum 5 minutes with 1 person); with no re-alignment of the wheel/crown after the changeover required.

Easy storage

Easy to maintain an in-house factory stock of HandySleeves; easy regrinding in house as necessary; no transport costs, since wheels/crowns don’t need to be sent out to recover.

Significantly improved ROI

For new production lines: payback time is extremely short, with minimal investment required. In other cases, ROI between 6 and 12 months, depending on coater/decorator and can type. For existing lines changing from classic system to HandyCoat: zero investment required.

Reduced maintenance costs and no spindle wear

Less wear of the shaft and hubs of the coating station, since the HandyBase stays on the machine shaft. Standardized covers and sizes for all plants; only one HandyBase wheel is needed to run different can sizes on the same line.

Longer lifetime for coverings

Thanks to precise running conditions, tool life with Monkal soft PU-coating is up to 50% higher than with a standard PU-coating.

Give HandyCoat a try

It’s easy to trial HandyCoat in your own facility