Save time, costs and storage

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HandyCoat™ frees up 50% of storage space typically required for conventional wheels and crowns

For plant managers, looking to trim costs in tight budgets and warehouses, HandyCoat™ offers savings in three ways: a reduced need for storage, reduced transport costs and significant savings in time.

Reduced storage: With conventional wheels and crowns, plant managers need to maintain a stock of covered wheels, ready to be used on the production line as required. These wheels, each weighing about 30 kg, need to be stored, usually on reinforced shelving, and transferred in and out of the warehouse for changeovers.

With HandyCoat™, since the HandyBase coater core remains fixed on the machine, only the HandySleeves need to be stored, freeing up as much as 50% of the warehouse space required for conventional wheels.

Reduced transport costs: Conventional wheels need to be shipped two ways – to the factory for grinding and recovering, and then back to the plant. Their weight and size means that it is expensive to ship them. With HandyCoat™, only the lightweight HandySleeves need to be shipped, and it’s a one-way trip, direct to the plant.

Time savings: A conventional changeover takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Two operators have to work together, removing and then realigning the wheel. With HandyCoat™, only the HandySleeve is removed and replaced, which takes a single operator about five minutes to complete. Production resumes quickly and the operator is free to focus on other tasks.