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Revolutionize your can coating processes

A history of can coating technology: from conventional wheels & crowns to HandyCoat

Patented by Hannecard in 2007, the HandyCoat system features two separate components: the HandyBase core, which remains installed on your coater station, and the HandySleeve, coated with Monkal soft polyurethane, which is easily removed and replaced.

With this innovative design, the HandyCoat system eliminates many of the problems associated with conventional rollers, including the heavy weight and time required for changeovers.

These are the five key ways that HandyCoat customers save time and money with HandyCoat –  the can coating technology of the future:

  1. Ergonomic handling and operation: up to 400% weight reduction for operators, 5-minute changeover with a single person, no re-alignment is needed
  2. Lower maintenance costs and no spindle wear: only the HandySleeve is removed and replaced, standardized covers and sizes available, and only one HandyBase wheel required to run different can sizes on the same line
  3. Easy storage and no transport costs: simply keep HandySleeves in stock, and re-grind in house as needed
  4. Longer lifetime for coverings: up to 50% higher thanks to Monkal soft-PU coating
  5. High ROI: Pay Back Time very short for new lines; 6 – 12 months for existing lines