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How it works

Traditional wheel coating solutions can sometimes throw a wrench into your manufacturing processes. Removing and then remounting the wheels is a half-hour, two-man job, and sending the wheels out for recovering and grinding also takes time. HandyCoat offers an innovative solution to streamline your can coating processes.

Installing the system

It’s easy to switch from classic coaters to the HandyCoat® system. All you need is a HandyBase® coater core, which is installed in your decorator, and a supply of HandySleeves®, which are easily stored with your other supplies. No new equipment is needed, and your manufacturing process is unchanged.

Quality of coating/varnishing

The HandySleeve® coater coverings are coated with Hannecard’s renowned Monkal® polyurethane, a unique covering developed expressly for paint and varnish applications, combining perfect coating quality with a long lifetime.

Only one HandyBase® wheel

The HandyBase® aluminium wheel remains installed on the coater station, and the same wheel is used for all can sizes on the same line. Since the wheelbase is untouched, realignment is no longer required, minimizing can wastage. HandyBase® stays in-line at all times, which reduces wear on the core and shafts, minimizing maintenance.


Monkal® polyurethane offers a silky appearance after grinding and high surface energy, excellent resistance to paints and varnishes, very good wettability, and it can be re-ground multiple times.