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More than 50 lines worldwide equipped with HandyCoat

Leading can manufacturers opt for time and cost savings with the HandyCoat solution

The number of can manufacturers which have implemented the HandyCoat system is growing, with 50 manufacturing lines across the globe now outfitted with HandyCoat. Some of HandyCoat’s biggest customers include Ball Packaging in France and Switzerland; Allthane-RSA in South Africa; Ardagh Metal Beverage in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland. Crown Bev Can in France and Slovakia; Nampack, in Angola: Caniel Packaging in Israel; and PT-United in Indonesia.

This growing rate of adoption has resulted in a 50% increase in turnover for HandyCoat, which saw turnover increase to €300,000 for 2015, compared to €200,000 in 2014. The number of HandyBases implemented each year is also increasing; HandyCoat currently installs about 10 each year.