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Reduction in weight makes changeovers less dangerous, says managing director

对于世界领先的制罐服务公司之一的Intercan,HandyCoat系统提供了多个好处。 对于Intercan而言,其中最重要的一个因素是显着节省重量,这样可以更快更安全地更换滚筒的弹性面(HandySleeve)。

“More than anything else, plant managers want the new applicator roller because it removes a health and safety issue,” said Peter Strode, managing director of Intercan, which is evaluating the HandyCoat system at two beverage can plants in France, at Custines and, Dunkerque.

With typical wear and damage, an applicator roller may need to be replaced up to three times each day. Replacing a conventional roller is a heavy, two-person job (a roller can weigh up to 28kg for 50cl cans), and aligning the roller after re-mounting takes even more time.

With HandyCoat, there are two components:

  • the HandyBase, which is a permanently attached hub
  • the HandySleeve, a glass-fiber sleeve to which is attached a polyurethane surface, such as Monkal-2

A single operator can unlock and replace the sleeve in five minutes, compared to half an hour for two people for a conventional roller, and no re-alignment is necessary after reinstallation.

Other benefits of HandyCoat include:

  • lower capital and maintenance costs
  • sets of spare cores don’t need to be kept in stock
  • wear on the spindle is minimized